• John Burton

Our Announcement On Ivy Style.

Ok, the repp tie is four-in-handed (is that a real adjective?) in the OCBD. Now what.

Ivy-Live is what. Ivy-Live is an e-magazine serving as the Lifestyle arm of the Ivy Style brand. In partnership with Ivy-Style and Christian Chensvold, Ivy-Live launches its beta today - with a full debut and premier edition set for January 1, 2021.

Ivy-Live aims broadly. Upcoming features include Dr. Michael K. Dorsey (University of Michigan, Yale, John Hopkins), Bradley Cooper (Germantown Academy, Villanova, Georgetown), and whatever happened to the wristwatch and the day planner. Music. Arts. Education. Beer.

And yes, of course, the clothes.

There is no better springboard than Ivy-Style, there is no better patron saint than Christian, and we begin in gratitude. And Ivy. Always Ivy.