• John Burton


By way of introduction, my name is John Burton. I am the Co-Founder of Ivy-Live. And a dad and husband. And a writer. And a musician. And a toothless dog owner. And I work at a local moving company. Nice to meet you.

I am the administrator of an Ivy-Style facebook page. You should check it out. Here: The Group. There are thousands of people, from all over the world, talking about Ivy Style. As we went along, people started talking about other things. And it dawned. There is a lifestyle behind the clothes. Or in front of the clothes. It's co-dependent, in the healthy way.

Our work here is to talk about the lifestyle in addition to the clothes. We are very, very lucky to be a part of the Ivy-Style family. Chances are you just came from there, but if you didn't, go take a look. Makes sure to come back. That work is headed up by Christian Chensvold, the Godfather of Ivy Style Soul.

Fashion, yes. Music. Business. Literature. Family. Cars. Psychology. Events. Anything that is part of the Ivy lifestyle, you can read about here.

Write me if you think of anything. John@Ivy-Live.com