Yes.  That is a pig in a bowler.  I am working on the site man, give me a minute.

You Can’t Tell By Looking. 

Ok, you can. But you have to develop an eye. Here’s how you do that.

The eye is the only visible part of the brain. I won’t break that down for you, google it. While I administer an Ivy League group, this ain’t a term paper. If you want the eye, you have to develop the brain. To do that, you train it, which is kinda the point of the Ivy League anyway. To think Ivy, you don’t have to have gone to Ivy. Not that it doesn’t help (Roar Lion Roar). Not a perquisite however. Here’s how Ivy thinks:

  1. Understand tradition. You don’t master tradition by bucking it - you don’t master dressage at a rodeo. The value of tradition is foundation and traction. Maybe you think you don’t need that. Maybe you think that the tread on your Adidas Dame 6’s (google that too, what am I, your cultural index?) gives you traction enough. I’m an orphan. I get it. Sometimes you start from scratch. But that doesn’t mean you forego the value of tradition, it means (forgive me as I write this pun) you adopt it. It is not a productive FU to walk away from what works. It IS a productive FU to improve upon it, but you can only do that when you understand it. Get it?

  2. Understand value. Throwing money at a problem is emotional dentures. Yes. It will chew. But do you want to look like that? Value, the idea of buying less and buying better, helps the wallet. It is also a good fiscal quarter for the soul. Start with your clothes and then go to your life. What both works and lasts at the same time? Keep that.

  3. Understand ethics. Not that there aren’t a few uncomfortable anklets on some of our ilk. In general though, we do what we say and we have lines that we actually give a repp tie about. It’s not snobbery, it is the opposite. It makes a better world for all. Practice ethics if you aren’t already. You will feel your heart purge. You know those Clorox sticks that you use on a white OCBD? The stick is ethics, the shirt is your heart.

Forget learning the words. Except the words “no socks.” Learn those.